Playdate Connection

Your partner in events and networking

Playdate Connection

Your partner in events and networking


Charitable giving is an important pillar of Playdate Connection. Non-profit organizations are so important for helping support individualized causes that you may not have time to dedicate to physically volunteering with a charity of your choice. We believe that charitable giving and work with non-profits in our area is vital in creating a strong and selfless community. We love watching our organization come together with local non-profits by hosting events that will create awareness and have a profound impact on that organization and the people in participation. At Playdate Connection we have found that there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you have done something to support saving lives or uplifting the community and those who may be less fortunate. Our dedication, along with the support of our wonderful memories and local community members have allowed us to create Playdate Connection’s philanthropic arm, Sapphire Moms.

Sapphire Moms are moms of all ages who come together as a group to enhance the local community. We work on several different projects and events in order to improve our local community. We come together as women to present local causes and help all moms who need extra support for the causes they care deeply about. For more information, please visit:


-Nevus Outreach Fundraiser

-Triumph Foundation Fundraiser

-Newborns in Need Baby Supplies and Clothing Drive

-365 Girl Foundation Awareness Fundraising Effort

-Know Me Network Art Supply Drive

-Make a Wish Foundation Fundraiser