Playdate Connection organizes high-quality events for families by collaborating with local businesses and event venues

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Playdate Connection is a community service organization that brings high-quality events by partnering with local businesses. Through building a supportive community with other like-minded businesses, our goal is to encourage business, education, health, and charitable giving. We organize various events within the community such as but not limited to family festivals, children’s events, charitable events, business networking meetings and parent educational workshops



Playdate Connection is an organization which enhances the lives of busy parents. Through building a supportive community with other like-minded parents, our goal is to encourage business, education, health and charitable giving.

Our business model is somewhat similar to the Chamber of Commerce. We offer business promotion opportunities as a platform to help businesses gain more awareness in the local community. What makes us different than other playdate groups is our initiative to help parents build their business, whether they are an entrepreneur or representing an organization or school.

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