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Our Story

Meet the Founder

Playdate Connection was founded by Michelle Arevalo. She started Criterion Resources, the parent company of Playdate Connection, back in 2004. Since then, she has been successful in building a client base of Fortune 500 corporations, International companies based in China and South America, Non-Profit Organizations, Start-ups and City Municipalities. She has also been actively involved in the local community by serving as a past board member of non-profit organizations such as Penny Lane and the Downtown Los Angeles Chapter of the Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA).

When her first son, Joel, was born in 2010, Michelle decided to become a stay-at-home mom while still maintaining her business. Her life became even busier when her second son, Gavin, was born in 2012. Since her kids were born, she and her sons were involved in many Mommy and Me activities. She was also able to network with a large number of parents because she wanted to know about all of the different resources for children such as the best indoor playgrounds, pre-schools, parks, kid’s haircut salons, mommy groups, etc.

Another discovery that Michelle noticed after becoming a mother was the number of parents who wanted to become self-employed because they wanted to become their own boss and have freedom in their schedule to work around their parental duties.

Since starting Playdate Connection in 2015, Michelle has been able to help hundreds of businesses thrive through different types of events ranging from Philanthropy to Just-For-Fun. Michelle has been hailed for continually “embracing the community with [her] innovation and inspiration.” She works tirelessly to connect businesses with the appropriate customers while also cultivating a space where people can partner and grow with each other. From workshops to business opportunities, she has spent the last several years creating a business and community that is invaluable both personally and professionally.

“Playdate Connection is the way to go for working parents who want to network. Michelle Arevalo’s brainchild, this group makes it SO easy to make connections and learn while the kids are having a great time. The membership covers events and the events are FUN! Couldn’t recommend this group more- for both working parents AND those whose target demographic is working parents!”
-Victoria Berman Vigil