There are a lot of fantastic things to do in L.A., one of which is to join a Baby Boot Camp if you are a mom with a new baby. This is because Baby Boot Camps are known to provide fitness, nutrition, and community support for moms. It is an avenue that allows Los Angeles moms to get fit, bond with their children, and meet new friends. Baby Boot Camp® Encino (East), Sherman Oaks & Studio City, CA is a center that opened after the owner, Jessica Cohen, branched off from ten years of working in the corporate world and decided to pursue her passion for fitness professionally.

To assist Los Angeles moms who have the same passion as hers, Jessica Cohen, a mother of two daughters (Samantha is four years old and Eliza is seven months old) had to start a Baby Boot Camp four years ago. Before owning Baby Boot Camp, she had worked in supplemental education as a field consultant for Kumon North America and effectively helped her owners grow their franchise business. Once she realized the huge opportunity that is available in running a Baby Boot Camp as a franchise, Jessica made the necessary inquiries at the Baby Boot Camp corporate office that got her Baby Boot Camp franchise registered. Although you’ll need to acquire national fitness certification to work as an instructor, Baby Boot Camp is one of the few jobs that allows moms to bring their babies to work.

Indications from excerpts that Jessica Cohen recently granted in an interview and judging from her experience, the most challenging part is to run a Baby Boot Camp alone because no matter the level of support you get from the corporate office and other networks, you’ll still have to ensure the smooth running of your center. There are jobs for you to do in teaching, accounting, promoting, and other stuff like that. You’ll also have to return emails, draw up lesson plans, teach a class, and follow up with current and potential clients as well as use social media for your promotion.  However, Jessica defied all odds and has been able to succeed in her Baby Boot Camp franchise business not minding the huge task required. The joy that comes from getting to see cute babies and toddlers and helping her clients get fit keeps her going on.

Thankfully, there is an important advantage that owning a Baby Boot Camp can give mompreneurs in L.A., and that is the fact that you can set a good leadership example for your children especially for your daughters. The impact you’ll have on various families leaves a lasting impression too.

Jessica Cohen derives great joy when she knows that her daughters will grow with the mindset that they can own a business in the future. Using such a platform, Jessica’s children have seen their mom lead a group of women, promote their health and fitness, as well as make amazing friends. Consequently, they’ve developed the “I-can-do-it” mindset and together with their mom ended up building strong positive family ties with their clients. Again, the amount of knowledge that would be made available to you is quite amazing if you start a Baby Boot Camp. Jessica said that owners and instructors in this franchise are certainly going to become experts in the field of prenatal and postnatal nutrition and fitness for women. Also, they will be able to recommend workouts to women that would be safe for their postpartum body and understand how to modify exercises to meet individual needs.

Today, with the level of success that Jessica’s Baby Boot Camp has achieved, it serves as an encouragement to many women especially mompreneurs in L.A. to venture into starting a Baby Boot Camp franchise. The Baby Boot Camp® Encino (East), Sherman Oaks & Studio City, CA that is run by Jessica and other nationally certified fitness professionals, provide exercise classes, nutrition, and community support for moms. She has developed a Baby Boot Camp® Stroller Fitness Program which is a 60-minute stroller fitness class that caters for moms of all fitness levels – pregnant moms, new moms, and moms with one or more stroller-aged children; birth recovery program which is essentially for new moms during the first nine weeks of motherhood with focus on movement, nutrition guidance, and community support; running programs which provides a new or serial runner with the support they need to complete a 5K or half marathon with their jog/walk interval training program, a method that is proven to prevent injury; nutrition solutions which is a 4-week nutrition program that teaches moms how to make small lifestyle changes to lose weight after pregnancy and to focus on enhancing their family’s nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight; MomStrong Tribe which is a moms’ club designed to support healthy families; and a mother love wellness challenge which focuses on helping moms across America to realize their health goals, with a focus on fitness, nutrition, and family. Jessica’s Baby Boot Camp is one place that touches lives of women living in L.A. as well as the best Baby Boot Camp that you can patronize.

Baby Boot Camps are centers that cater to newer moms because it can be very challenging for moms to find time away from their babies and it even gets quite expensive to get the services of a babysitter. Baby Boot Camps avails moms the opportunity of staying fit and also exercise while their children will safely stay by their side in a stroller. Baby Boot Camps strives to:

  • Enhance the lives and general well-being of moms through safe and effective programs.
  • Provide a supportive environment where moms strengthen their sense of community.
  • Offer family-friendly career openings through franchising and instructor training.

Therefore, when you’re searching for a Baby Boot Camp in L.A., look no further because the place for you is Baby Boot Camp® Encino (East), Sherman Oaks & Studio City, CA. The camp has achieved a great level of success and with Jessica Cohen, as the instructor, you can get the needed support. Expectant moms and other newer Los Angeles moms who are looking for ways to achieve fitness and good nutrition can also use a Baby Boot Camp. It is a great place where that relationship with your baby can be well nurtured and developed.

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