April Metcalf is a pure creative inspiration! April owns multiple businesses which has been a successful adventure for her. Not only is she a mother of an adorable 3 year old daughter named Alexis, she is a make-up artist, face painter, hair stylist and clothes & promotional items maker.

April has been a valuable member of Playdate Connection, a business networking group which organizes events for parents and children. As a Playdate Connection Member, she has provided so many services for all sorts of events such as:

  • Princess Make-Overs
  • Face Painting
  • Adult Make-up Application during a photo shoot
  • Made Promotional Items like Playdate Connection t-shirts and bags

She also has her very own Design Company called Baby Cali Style! She hand-crafts comfy and adorable clothing for babies and toddlers. Also, she takes special requests to hand-make any type of garment. For instance, she made personalized bowling shirts for little boys. April loves to custom make any requests like tutus and event promotional items like bags and adult t-shirts.

Her Baby Cali Style company sells both on Etsy.com and at different venue events. Her Baby Cali Style business also offers a line called Spooky Baby, a line geared towards Halloween for children!

She originally moved to Los Angeles to do hair and make-up and loves working in the industry of theater and television. Now and in addition, she especially enjoys seeing all of the kids out there dressed-up in something she created. Seeing them in her clothing makes her heart smile!

One of her favorite things she has created has been a Rapunzel dress for a 16 year old girl and of course everything Spooky Baby! She just loves creating for the little ones and their personalities!

Knowing that she has worked on some very interesting things, we asked April what the strangest thing she ever worked on. She made us laugh responding that the strangest probably wasn’t appropriate for this blog! However, the second strangest was a waffle costume she had made a few years ago for a client.

We asked April what would be the best advice she would give to business owners. She said, “Fail a lot, often, and early on so when things start smoothing out you know how it best works. Be persistent and celebrate small achievements on the way to larger goals. Millions of tiny steps added together can journey across the world. If you give up today, you will be in the same place in 6 months for sure. My favorite saying is ‘what would you do if you knew you would not fail??’ and I try my best to live that way.”

Clearly, April is an amazing woman, mother and an empowered business owner!

Below are the websites to her companies: