Mompreneur Offers the Dream Venue for Little Girl Events

Mompreneur Offers the Dream Venue for Little Girl Events

Mompreneur Offers the Dream Venue for Little Girl Events

By Michelle Arevalo

I walked into My Bella Bash, which is an event venue for kids in Tarzana, one Saturday afternoon to meet the owner, Vista Moore. Before our meeting, I looked at their website online ( I was very impressed with their ability to organize many types of events like birthday parties, princess parties and more! Right when I walked in, I said to myself, “Why couldn’t they have a place like this when I was a little girl? Kids are so lucky these days!”

My Bella Bash offers little girls to feel special because it sets up an environment of beautiful feminine décor. It literally feels like an upscale spa and event space that caters to kids. I could tell Vista took a massive amount of time to conceive all of the visual details.

Since our first meeting, Vista and I have partnered together for different types of events. I am the owner of Playdate Connection, a business networking group for parents with young children. Vista has graciously offered My Bella Bash for business networking and educational meetings for small business owners. The children played and worked on arts and crafts while their parents were networking and learning in the next room. Also, Vista and I worked on a Princess and Pirates Party at My Bella Bash. Vista connected with The Los Angeles Princess Company who provided five princesses for the event: Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Belle for Beauty and the Beast, Mulan and Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Because Vista and I worked on a few events together, I have gotten to know Vista on a personal and business level. She embodies all of the important qualities of being a great business owner. My deepest appreciation for her is she always considers the needs of other people or business associates as much as her own needs. She always wants to make sure everybody is happy and content in all aspects of her business which includes customers and business associates. She has the highest level of integrity. She has the same belief that I do in business which is reputation and bringing value is always more important than anything.

I had the fortunate opportunity of interviewing Vista about My Bella Bash.

1.  Please describe My Bella Bash and when did you open?

My Bella Bash is a unique children’s spa designed for beautiful parties that caters to girls ages 3 and up. It is a jaw dropping venue with services such as manicures, pedicures, makeup and glamorous hair up-dos for the little divas. It’s truly a princess dream come true. The children also get to enjoy our party room to eat, sing and dance on stage with special props and effects! Crowning the birthday girl to be the Queen of her party makes it an even more special event. We also let guests make their own perfume and lotion from scratch to take home as a gift!  We also have add-ons such as princess characters, catering, red carpet, photo booth, face painting and much more! My Bella Bash was opened in May of 2016 and it has been a great success since!

2. How did you come up with the concept of My Bella Bash?

After searching hard for a quality birthday venue that goes above and beyond for the girls, sadly I wasn’t able to find anything that would be what I had pictured in my mind. My Bella Bash was a mobile spa for couple of years before we opened up a location in Tarzana.

3.  What did you do before getting into the kid’s birthday party industry?

I have been a devoted stay-at-home mom for my two young children before My Bella Bash. I also had a residential cleaning company that I started and ran successfully for one whole year to help me with the financial needs to prepare for the opening of my spa.

4.   How do you set yourself apart from other similar businesses?

I am proud to say that My Bella Bash, even though owned by one person, it is considered to me a family business. Everyone who walks into my spa is considered like family and treated so. We work with our hearts and soul. We go above and beyond to make dreams come true.  My Bella Bash is also extremely big on cleanliness and being sanitary. Most of our products are opened brand new for each party!  Our prices lower than any other venue, we are happy to keep the parents and clients in mind as well.

5.   What lessons have you learned since opening My Bella Bash?

I have learned that there is no success in anything you do, if your heart is not in it.  Be strong, be motivated, and not to give up! At my hardest time when I just opened my spa, I was doing free parties for children who were less fortunate. Not being selfish and giving back is important to me. Every child deserves to be treated like a queen.

6.   Please describe one of the most fulfilling or memorable moments of when you threw a party or had an event at My Bella Bash

I remember this well. It was my third party ever at my spa. This party was for a 9 year old girl who came from a home where their financial situation was very hard on them. She never had a party or celebrated her birthday! Not only did I make this possible for them with my promotions, we put together an even extra special party with add-ons. The moment when the party ended and the father hugged me and then cried, this was the moment for me! Everything I had worked for and the vision I had for my place was this!!! To make dreams possible.  The father told me that it was an experience and service he will never forget and the happiness on his child’s face was priceless.

7. What inspired you to start your business? 

Simple! My love for children!

8.  Is the rest of the family involved in your business?

 Absolutely! My husband, my mom and sister have been there for me from the beginning. I am grateful.

9. What are your future goals for My Bella Bash?

My future goal is to expand. I would like to expand to many more locations and make this place available for everyone. My Bella Bash will soon have a location for boys with a surprise that cannot be shared at this moment. We are excited!

10. What advice would you give to another Mother who would like to become a business owner?

It will be hard. Don’t give up! Don’t ever give up! Do only what you dream of and do it with all your heart. Help anyone who needs a hand in the process because those you help will one day help you as well. Also be willing to accept help and give advice! Have support!



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